Goto 初滑りパウダーon立山/First Ski Run on Tateyama

【Goto 初滑りパウダーon立山】
■募集人数:6名 (最小催行人数4人)

【Go to First Ski Run on Tateyama 】
■ Date: November 19th (Thursday) to November 21th (Saturday)
■ Location: Tateyama (Toyama-pre)
■ Number of applicants: 6 (minimum number 4)
■ Accommodation: Murodo-sanso
**Japanese-style room for 2 to 3 people in 1 room
But we will try to adjust to 2 people in 1 room
■ Participation fee: 60,000 yen (2.5 days guide + accommodation with 2 meals)
**For details, please contact us by email.