C&C JAPAN is a small company based in Tokyo and since 2000 specializing in mountaineering. The main guide is Cveto Podlogar, who guide the mountains worldwide. We’re organizing: Alpine Climbing, Sport Climbing, Mountain Skiing, Ice Climbing, Hiking and overseas tours. Mountaineering is a sport of total freedom in the nature. You will be SAFE with us and hopefully bring home unforgettable memory and joy.
登録旅行業第3-4898 / Registered travel agency 3-4898


IFMGA Mountain Guide Cveto Podlogar
I’m an international IFMGA mountain guide; also the first non-Japanese mountain guide certified by the JMGA (Japan Mountain Guide Association); born in Slovenia.My country is small but well known in the world as strong in sports and mountaineering. I use to compete as Olympic team member and on World Cup competitions as a Cross-country skier. After I left Slovenia and traveled all over the world, I ended up in Japan. I married beautiful native lady, and have lived here for 30 years. I love Japanese mountains and feel privileged to be able to enjoy these mountains through the entire four seasons.
Winter for ski touring from Nagano to Hokkaido, winter mountaineering or ice climbing at Yatsugatake, and of course ascending the symbol of Japan Mt.Fuji. In summer Japan is a great place for hiking, alpine climbing or popular shower-climbing and some fine sports/free climbing year around.
Since 2013, I’m working on NHK (Japanese national TV) programs, introducing Japan culture and outdoor activities, climbing skiing etc…
It is my absolute pleasure also to take and guide you in my home country Slovenia.
In addition to guide the mountains, I also enjoy heaving the opportunity to teach mountain climbing skills to every level of climbers, here in Japan.This is because I wish everybody to be SAFE on the mountains.
Please contact C&C if you would love to have great experience!
Cveto/Main guide


Nakashima Chiharu
I’m hiking and tour guide and representative of C&C.JAPAN,
also in charge of planning tours. Of course by myself, I love climbing and back country skiing!!
I’m always looking for opportunities to go together with guests!!
As representative of the company I’m qualified national Travel Supervisor too,
Japan Mountain Guide Association certified mountaineering guide
SIA Ski & Telemark Instructor.