[1st day]

We had a late start, due to weekend traffic jam,
but luckily it stopped raining by the time we hit the trail.
The first 40 minutes are on regular hiking trail, then we turned right and got to the river.
Then the real fun started!
The trail goes in the river for a while, then in the forest on the left side bank,
and back in the river.
We could enjoy a beautiful scenery at Futamata,
where waterfalls from different directions are getting in a unique big bowl.
To be noticed: H’s heroic “rescue” by G, who didn’t hesitate to jump in a waterfall!

We found a nice camp spot just before the sun hides behind the horizon.
Gets cold pretty fast at that season!
But we brought enough “stuff” in our water bottles to keep us warm for the rest of the night.
We made a nice camp fire too, to warm up the ones who really felt the cold.
At the menu for the dinner: appetizers, sausages, and steak!

[2nd day]
The weather was with us from the morning, but it got really cold during the night.
Fortunately the camp fire didn’t die completely so it just took a few minutes to start it up again.
The hardest thing was to put the wet (and freezing) socks and shoes back after the breakfast…
We walked all the way up in the river bed. The water was cold….
the fingers too…we even met a place with ice….
After a good effort we finally reach the cabin, had a big rest and lunch,
before going all the way down to the start point.
This was a great course, and we had a big fun!

report by Chris