Cveto could guided very cute and nice Norwegian on MAY13
And tough and cheerful French guys on MAY15
Both days are not easy condition
but they could climb and ski down with great satisfaction!!
We’ve got following comments from them
We also very very happy to meet such as nice people


Mt.FUJI 2010.MAY13
Very early Wednesday morning we set sail for the majestic mountain.
I was super excited and happy.
We started in the dark but was soon overtaken by a beautiful red sunrise.
Cloudless skies and glorious sunshine followed us up to the top.
We went up the north side of the mountain. The wind was pretty strong,
but with a safe guid in the front it felt really good the whole way.
We had skis on our backs and hoped that the snow would soften in the sun.
The wind from the north did that the snow stayed cold,
but after we had walked around the top to the south summit,
we found a south slope with perfect spring snow.
After a long traverse further down and a bit of hiking we came back to the car good
and tired but very happy. It was a very professional program,
I felt safe all the way. Cveto also had plenty fine stories and was a perfect trip buddy.
I had simply an experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip:)”
-Emmeli- from Norway
Mt.FUJI 2010 MAY 15
3AM: wake call, we devore our ham&cheese sandwiches, wash it with a
hot coffee. A few energy bars and go, full speed in the direction of
We’ve checked a few comments and videos on the net. We know conditions
can be tough out there, especially the ice and wind at the top…

Luckily Cveto had booked specially for us Perfect Weather Conditions!
Sunny, less than 35km/h wind, 0 degrees at the start of the subaru
line fifth station, -7 degrees expected at the top. Big Blue sky!
Chance ! Let’s go !

We meet Cveto at the parking, it’s freezing, so after a quick
equipment check, we move on.
Soon after we reach the snow we switch straight to crampons, the snow
is too hard to use the skins. Oh god how is it going to be 1km

Climb is great, slow as we decided to take it easy, rest often, take
pictures, enjoy those lucky weather conditions.
2/3 from the top, Cveto advices to use the rope because of potential
strong wind above. He is right, top of Fuji gets steeper and wind
combined with ice could make us loose our balance.

The view above the clouds is great, the climb is great, we feel very safe.
Still the worry of skiing on ice at the top stays in the head
though… You don’t know the snow conditions on the top until you
reach it, so we climb.

First Tori at sight, it feels close, but it takes almost an hour to
reach. Short breath. Nice picture sessions.
Target on next Tori now which is easier to reach.
That’s it we are at the top !

Snow is very hard but it seems skiable, dangerous, but skiable.
Cveto is here anyway, we’ll follow his instructions, let’s relax and
enjoy. It’s has been 6h30 since we left the parking.

Very icy at the top, wind is acceptable, temperature as well: time for
baguette, cheese and saucisson!
Nice one hour break.

Let’s concentrate now on the skiing. Cveto checks the snow for us.
Doable but with extreme care.
So we attach pools on the bag, and secure skis to the shoes.. it
proved to be useful later for me…
The first turns with the axe in the hands.. just in case…You do not
want to fall in the first 300meters or loose a ski….
Actually i did encounter a small technical problem, quickly handled by
Cveto, who was there when and exactly where needed.
Thank you Cveto ! I am still in one piece !

First Tori, now the snow is GREAT, time for photo session : ski in
heaven above the clouds!
Still you do not want to fall, so we manage the good balance of
excitment, fun and security focus.
Slope is great, never ending… conditions are perfect.

Spring snow conditions when we reach the bottom of Mt Fuji, very
heavy, but still it’s fun ski with some speed.
So we ski until the end of the snow, some walk to find the very last
snow, nice last very steep slope, nice last turns: we skied almost to
the road !
3PM Mission accomplished!

Thank you Cveto! One more dream accomplished, and in perfect security
conditions; it has been a nice adventure.
Can not wait for next season !

(French live in Japan)