Sport climbing is a very popular activity in Japan.
Let’s enjoy together and learn climbing skills

with IFMGA mountain guide!!

It is a private guiding plan and you can choose your preferable place and style; like experience some sport climbing, multi-pitch rock climbing or challenge “Sawanobori” shower/upstream climbing.
The one-day plan activities in the suburbs of Tokyo is also fun, and two-days plan allows you to stay in hot springs or camp. Please feel free to contact us and we will find best solution to satisfied your plans

Sample Plan: Weekday Ogawayama 2 day basic climbing course
Day1 After meeting at Ogawayama area,from afternoon we starts with safety basics when outdoor climbing as well harness wearing, tying knots, belaying and getting to know the proper equipment
Day2 you will develop more efficient climbing techniques and top-roping skills for beginners.Of course, other options for more advanced climbers as a multi-pitch, lead or crack climbing can be discussed.

Price 80,000 JPY (for 2 days /Group) 
**Weekend 100,000 JPY
**Price include Guide expenses but not Your expenses
**It’s your choice to stay in a mountain hut or in a tent.
**Max person 4-5 people
**If less than 2 people participate, you may be able to experience the multi-pitch route.
** We can rent climbing & camp equipments.
**If you come by public transportation, we can pick you up at Shinano Kawakami Station.

Sample Plan: Weekday 1days shower (waterfalls) climbing around TOKYO = SAWA NOBORI
It is very unique and old activity; the sport is well known and popular only in Japan. The first paths to rich the mountain summits in Japan; due the difficult terrain, like thick forests, deep valleys, unpassable jungles, force the accident age explorers to use river beds, creek streams etc…to rich the mountains.And (in Japanese Sawa Nobori)is the climbing style including all kind of techniques like bouldering, rock climbing, wild camping, survival skills and many more…just perfect for HOT summer days…you can get wet and cool down when ever you need it !!Interested in joining us for this sport climbing adventure around TOKYO, with an IFMGA mountain guide Cveto ? Please send a request,we’ll be waiting for your message!

Mountain Range: Chichibu, Okutama
Offer period: May ~ October
Trip duration: 1 day
Type of trip: shower climbing (sawa nobori)
Description: Come to enjoy all levels river upstream climbing
Skill Level:1.beginner or 2.intermediate to advanced
Fitness Level: any
Group size: up to 4 people if beginners, advanced 1 to 2

Price per person for 1 day:
1 Person:  45.000 JPY (Weekend is 55.000 JPY)
Group of 2: 22.500 JPY (Weekend is 27,500 JPY)
Group of 3: 15,000 JPY (Weekend is 18,500 JPY)
Group of 4: 12.000 JPY (Weekend is 15,000 JPY)

Price includes
guiding fee & guide’s expenses

group price
– 35,000 JPY~ / 1 day private sports climbing lecture fee.
**NOT included Guide expenses
– 30,000 JPY~/ Tokyo & Saitama 1 day private sports climbing lecture fee.
**included Guide expenses
– 20,000 JPY~ / Half day indoor climbing gym lesson.
**included Guide expenses
  +your own entry fee is required
Price includesguiding fee
Not includes-guides transportation expenses (highways, parkings, ropeway etc..) if used.
-guides accommodation if 2 days trip (hut or camping site)
 payable by client at the spot
-Insurance is not included in the price.
Note-During weekends and holidays, this programme is 10,000 JPY higher per group per day.
-During weekends and holidays on January & February, is 15,000 JPY higher per group
-Max group is 4-5 person,
if more we will prepare sub guide (15,000 jpy P/G/D)
-Max 2 person for multi-pitch climbing and “Sawanobori” price is depends on route.
-Equipment rentals are available
Booking &
cancellation policy
When you book the tour, We will charge you 20% of deposit as guide
restrained fee.With this money we will secure and keep guide schedule for you.
**Please note that this 20% of deposit cannot be refund.
**When you cancel guide tour, this 20% of deposit will be included in the cancellation fee.

– 30% of the guide fee will be charged as a cancellation fee from the 30 days before the first day of the departure date.
– 50%of the guide fee will be charged as a cancellation fee from the 7 days before the first day of the departure date.
– 100%of the guide fee will be charged as a cancellation fee from the 2 days before the first day of the departure date.

**Cancellation fees are calculated based on the date you make Cancellation Request and guide tour service start date in JST time
**In case of bad weather or unsuitable conditions on tour scheduled date, we will try to change the date or propose a similar activity at a different place where conditions are better. (It could be different price due transport expenses etc…) If you do not agree with this propose, the cancellation policy will apply. 
Please note, however, that the call to cancel a trip due to bad weather can only be made by the guide (not the client).If your guide made decision that he can not guide enough safe even other place on scheduled date, We will refund the payment.(except 20% of deposit)